Whether you’re looking for a short-term or long-term investment, or a small sum or large sum investment, Progressions Credit Union has the Certificate Account to meet your needs. All of our certificates offer the following benefits:

  • Variety of terms available (6-36 months, minimum $2,000)
  • Earn higher dividends than regular share accounts
  • Dividends can be paid to the certificate or transferred to your savings or checking account monthly
  • Federally insured by the NCUA

OnPar Certificates

With our OnPar Certificates, you will receive the best available rate for your investment dollars. We’ll meet the rate, minimum balance, and terms offered at any NCUA or FDIC insured institutions.

  • Term length and dollar amount must be the same to receive the par rate (6 month minimum term, $2,000 minimum balance, 1.50% maximum APY)
  • Term length and rate must be published and verified by PCU staff via print ad or website
  • Fees could reduce earnings
  • Early withdrawal penalty will apply
  • Click HERE for Truth in Savings Disclosure.

Step-Up Certificates

Our Step-Up Certificates give a one-time option to adjust the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) to the current-day Progressions Credit Union APY offered for new certificates of identical terms. This is a great benefit in the event dividend rates rise during the term of your certificate. No need to worry you are missing out on the higher rate. Your certificate’s original maturity date will not change nor will your dividend rate decrease in the event rates go down. Click HERE for more information.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Certificates

Enjoy the higher returns on your retirement investment that our IRA Certificates offer. Our IRA Certificates offer all the same benefits and options of our regular certificates.

Want to see how your funds can grow with a certificate? Click HERE for our Certificate Calculator. Click HERE for our current rates. Open your certificate account NOW.