Security and Fraud Alerts



You may be hearing about the Stagefright vulnerability in the news. Stagefright is vulnerable to a remote code execution bug, allowing hackers to potentially infiltrate devices and access private information by sending a SMS message with a video in it.

Disabling Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) may prevent media files from being sent to your device. If you have questions about availability of a patch for your specific device or disabling MMS, you should contact your carrier.

Office of Personnel Management data breach


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released an alert regarding callers contacting victims of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) data breach. These callers claim to be from the FTC and offer money to OPM data breach victims. The FTC is will not contact you for personal information and won’t be giving money to victims. More information about this scam can be found here.

Albertsons and Home Depot data breaches


Earlier this week, Progressions Credit Union took the step to replace any debit or credit cards that were found to be at risk for potential fraud as a result of the data breaches at Albertsons and Home Depot earlier this year. If your card is affected, you will be notified by mail at the address we have on file for you and a new card should arrive within 2 weeks. If your debit card was affected, a new PIN will also be issued.

In the meantime, please monitor your accounts closely and be sure to activate your new cards as soon as possible. Once your new cards are activated, please let us know and we will block your old cards.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at your earliest convenience at 509-535-0191 or toll free 800-828-8691.

More information about the Home Depot breach can be found at

More information about the Albertsons breach can be found at