Home Banking “Pop-Ups”

Copyright Anna Kolankiewicz www.lab74.pl +48606344134We are receiving reports from our members of a pop-up scam that occurs when they are trying access their accounts through online banking. These pop-ups claim to be from Progressions Credit Union, but this is not true. These pop-ups say that the members annual credit score may have changed, and that they should click on the link to see the updated score. This is a type of malware, and is by no means affiliated with Progressions Credit Union, and we strongly advise that you do not click on this link.

This is a type of malware, also known as “Spam”, and it can be very detrimental to your computers health. We have done numerous security screenings through our system and host network, and can safely and confidently say that our system and host network are free of any malware.

Be advised that if you do happen to have a pop up when trying to get into your online banking, it is most likely that your computer has some sort of malware in it already. We recommend that you visit your nearest computer maintenance center to clean up this problem.

For more information on security features, please visit our security center.