Financial Planning

Financial Planning Continues in Retirement

For most of us, a financial plan sounds a lot like a budget–a highly entertaining piece of fiction that we’ll get to when the kids are grown and the cars are paid off. But a plan–along with expert advice–is the key to a long and financially solvent retirement. Longevity, sickness, inflation, and downturns in the market can chip away at your investments. If you don’t have a plan in place to handle the highs and the lows, you could turn your golden years to bronze.

Following the Rules: Withdrawing From Your IRA

When you open an IRA (individual retirement account), you may think there’s nothing more you need to do besides making annual contributions and accessing your money once you retire. However, if you don’t plan ahead on how and when you should access your IRA money, you may get a worse tax bite than necessary.

Retirement First Aid

If you’re a member of the 55-plus set, you perhaps are pining for the good old days. We’re not referring to the days of your youth, but rather the late 1990s, which in certain respects seem so very long ago.