Life Stages

Whether you are just entering college life, married life or a life of retirement, Progressions Credit Union will be by your side through it all.  No financial situation is the same and we don’t believe that our members should be forced to choose a one-size-fits-all plan.  Different stages in life call for different financial plans and solutions.  Provided below are the tools that will allow you to take those first steps on your particular stage of life.

On the Road of Life

Married? Baby on the way? Retirement?  Whatever the situation, we provide the tools allowing you to make an educated decision with your finances.

Financial Fitness

Not quite sure about where to go?  Let a professional planner guide you along the way.  We have some of the best in the business.

Love handles aren’t the only things that need a good workout. Your finances could benefit from a good fitness program. Find out how to budget, save, get out of debt, and protect your identity and more with the Progressions fitness guide below.

Need a little help achieving your financial goals? As a Progressions’ member, you have access to the money management professionals at BALANCE.  Call 1-888-456-2227 to speak to a counselor about how you can become financially fit or click here to find out more about BALANCE.

When You Can’t Pay

There are many reasons you may face difficulty in making your payments: unexpected expenses, loss of overtime, unemployment, overspending, illness/injury, disability, death, marriage, childrearing, divorce, education, and relocation.

Whatever the reason, it is important to be informed of all available options and to act quickly.

First, contact us here at the credit union. We have options and payment plans to get you through difficult times. We’ll do everything we can to help you make your payments and maintain your credit standing, with us and other creditors.

Tools and Tips for Making it Through Financially Difficult Times

Saving your home from foreclosure How to communicate with a creditor
Creating a debt management plan Financial first aid
Financial crisis: how to spread cash among creditors Make the Most of a Reduced Paycheck