How To Set Up Direct Deposit?

Setting up Direct Deposit is easy!

  • Get a Direct Deposit Form: Most employers will provide you with a direct deposit form, or you can download one from us here: Direct Deposit Authorization
  • Next provide your employer with Progressions Credit Union’s routing number: 325182687
  • Your employer will need your 12 digit account number as found on the bottom of your checks or call us to obtain this number. 

***Note: DO NOT USE ONLY YOUR MEMBER NUMBER – This could delay your direct deposit!***

Why Have Direct Deposit?

  • When utilizing Progressions Direct Deposit your check is automatically deposited into your account and this can be a big time saver.
  • Since your money is sent electronically, you don’t have to worry about loss or theft.
  • NO HOLDS – Money sent electronically is as good as cash, and you can safely use it right away. 


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Need Additional Help?

Contact us at: 509-535-0191 or toll free 1-800-828-8691

If you would like to transfer your direct deposit from the US Treasury please follow this link: