Bank by Phone

24 Hour Account Access

SmartLine allows you to access your account via telephone anytime, day or night.  SmartLine is a free service allowing you to check balances, transfer funds, make loan payments and more.  Use of SmartLine requires a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Contact us to get signed up!

SmartLine Action Codes & Account Type Codes

When using SmartLine, you will be asked to enter Account Type Codes and Action Codes. Account Type Codes are the codes you will enter for what account you would like to use for your transaction. Once you have chosen your Account Type Code, you will then be asked to input your Action Code. Your Action Code represents what you would like to do with the account type you have previously selected. To view a list of all Account Type & Action Codes, click here.

SmartLine Access Number:

509.535.8864 or Toll-free 1(800)27SMART