ATM-Debit Cards

Visa Check/ATM Card

Your Checking Account is not complete without a Visa Check Card from Progressions.  Our Check Card (a.k.a. Debit Card) gives you unparalleled convenience, immediate acceptance at merchants worldwide, and the security of knowing that Visa is backing up your purchases. Your Visa Check Card is also extremely versatile; it can be used as a debit card or ATM card. 

Instant Issue Debit Cards

Whether you are opening a new account or need a replacement card, take advantage of our Instant Issue debit cards. Instant Issue cards can be printed in just minutes at our Main branch, so you can leave with your card the same day.

Unexpected Emergencies

We also offer you protection for when “Life Happens” and you may run low in your Checking account and need overdraft coverage at the checkout line.  Learn More

Current Account Holder

Ensure the use of your card before traveling: Contact us before traveling.

Report a lost or stolen card: 800-754-4128

Tips for ATM Use: