Types of Savings Accounts

Below are the various Savings Accounts we offer here at Progressions.  Each offering unique advantages that is sure to meet your goals.  If you have any questions, please contact us for more details on any of the Savings products. 

 Basic Savings

Your membership savings account at Progressions Credit Union is your basic ‘share/savings’ in the credit union. By establishing and maintaining this account you are establishing yourself as an owner of Progressions Credit Union, which makes you eligible for all membership privileges. You may also open multiple sub-savings accounts to meet your needs. Click HERE for rates.

 Prime Savings

The Prime Savings account, available to Prime Checking Account owners, provides outstanding dividend rates to help you earn more. Click HERE for rates.
Yes! Accounts If you haven’t found the drive to save yet, we’re here to help. Progressions’ Yes! Savings Accounts are your solution to building your savings – fast. Yes! is designed to help you start and stick to a savings plan. Open any Yes! account below, and make a deposit of at least $25 every month to that account, and you’ll earn a much higher dividend quickly driving your savings into high gear!

  • Yes! Basic Savings
  • Yes! IRAs
  • Yes! Christmas Club
  • Yes! Loan Club

Save even more when you take out a loan and open a Yes! Loan Club Account where you will receive a discount on your loan rate when you save the difference of your new loan payment or $25, whichever is greater.*

Click HERE for rates.

*Does not apply to loans secured by real estate, Visa credit or personal line of credit. See loan disclosure for additional details.

Christmas Club

Open a Progressions Christmas Club Account so you can put some money away each month based on how much you spend for the holidays. This way next year you’ll have all the money you need. Plus, you’ll earn dividends rather than making big interest payments to finance next year’s holiday shopping.

  • Payroll allotment or automatic transfer available to make saving easier
  • Funds automatically transferred to your Checking Account on October 15th so you can begin your shopping!*

Click HERE for rates.

*A checking account is not required.  If you do not have a checking account funds will be transferred to your primary savings account.

Money Market (SmartMarket)

If you’d like to earn higher dividends and still have access to your funds, the SmartMarket Account, Progressions’ Money Market Account, is the right investment idea. Click HERE for rates.


Whether you’re looking for a short-term investment, large investment or small sum investment Progressions has the Certificate Account to meet your needs.

  • Variety of terms available
  • Earn higher dividends
  • Dividends can be left in to compound or transfer to your savings or checking, monthly
  • Step Up Feature available on select certificates, allowing you to have your rate raised to the current published rate for the same terms. If rates fall, your rate will not!
  • Certificates Available as IRA’s
  • Secure –Federally insured by the NCUA

Click HERE for rates.

Youth Savings

We offer accounts from birth to 18. It’s never too soon to teach about the importance of saving! Learn more