A rewards program for Progressions Credit Union members!

At Progressions Credit Union, we take care of it all. If you qualify for SmartChoice, you will immediately begin to receive the benefits of SmartChoice membership.

SmartChoice Qualifications*:

  1. Maintain a total share balance of at least $5,000 OR Maintain a total loan balance of at least $10,000. This is the total of all your deposit accounts (including Certificates and IRA’s) under your primary member number or all of your loans (including Visa credit card) under the same member number; AND
  2. Use at least 2 of the items below:
    • Automatic loan payment
    • SmartLine or SmartLink
    • Direct deposit of payroll or retirement check
    • Visa Debit Card

SmartChoice Benefits*:

You’ll find that as a SmartChoice member you have some very special privileges.

  • No minimum balance for checking accounts
  • No monthly service charge for checking accounts
  • Free checks
  • No low balance fee
  • Make unlimited withdrawals in person at no charge
  • Make telephone transfers at no charge
  • No charge for check cashing
  • Save 25% on Safe Deposit Box fees
  • Get free Traveler’s Cheques
  • An additional 1/4% APR added to your Certificates

Checking Account Benefits


SmartChoice Members

Other Accounts

Minimum balance required $0 Up to $10,000
Monthly service charge $0 $5
Check printing $0 $15 and up
Telephone transfers $0 $1 each
Electronic bill payment (SmartPay) $0 $0
Check cashing $0 (unlimited) $5 per check
Teller Withdrawal Fee $0 (unlimited) 4 free, then $5 each

 *Qualification criteria and benefits are based on per account/per member, not per household. If the qualification criteria is not maintained, benefits will be automatically discontinued and Progressions Credit Union’s standard fees and charges will apply. Qualification criteria and benefits are subject to change without notices. Discounts and addition to rates or fees may not apply to promotional rates or match/beat the rate programs.