Founded in 1928, Progressions Credit Union was originally known as Spokane Postal Credit Union and was led by Paul Boberg.  It wasn’t until 1958 that SPCU hired their first employee, Jean Stuchell.   It then would only take four years for SPCU to reach 1300 members and have assets over $1 million dollars.  SPCU then grew very steadily over the next twenty plus years, when in 1981 reaching 3300 members and assets reaching $8.2 million.  A big change happened in 1983 when membership qualifications expanded to include any relative of a member or postal employee by blood or marriage.  This gave rise to 4700 members, and assets climbing to $14.9 million.  In 2003, SPCU expanded its field of membership to those who live, work or worship in Washington State.  The new expansion led to a total of 5848 members and assets of $41 million.

In 2004, SPCU changed its name to Progressions Credit Union to better reflect its mission and to grow and flourish well beyond its original field of membership.

Our Mission:

To be the valued partner in your financial journey.

Our Member Promise:

We promise to simplify and do what is best to help you achieve financial success.

Our Direction and Philosophy:

Our products and services are structured to promote value and equity.
Our staff accepts responsibility to identify and deliver financial solutions which build valued relationships.
We educate and encourage members and staff to use our electronic services.
We evaluate and reward our staff based on skill level and performance in support of the achievement of the credit union’s mission.
We increase operating efficiencies through staffing structure, process improvement, technology, and strategic alliances.
We grow and maintain a financially sound business.