Dear Members,

Since our inception in 1928, the membership has been, and will continue to be, the heart of all we do at Progressions Credit Union. As we are now in the beginning of a new year, I thought it a good time to reflect on the past year and share what you can look forward to in 2023.

New Year, New Branch Project. As promised, we have a new branch coming on the northside of Spokane to be located at 9233 North Nevada Street, 99218, in front of WINCO. It will include a three lane drive up (one being an ATM drive up) and will be a little over three thousand square feet.  The overall look we have had designed for you is Mid-century modern and we think you will love it. It is hard to commit to when it will be completed, but we are working hard to make that happen by the end of this year if possible. As you are probably aware, construction in our city is very busy right now and supply chain issues are things we cannot control.  We have heard how pleased many of you are about this location which makes us very happy! Keep watching for future updated through my letters, eNews, our website and social media platforms! See some of our renderings here.

24/7 Digital Branch. We know there are many ways you wish to access your accounts. That is why we keep digital offerings at the forefront of our product offerings. We have online and mobile banking, P2P (Person to Person) payments, banking by phone, text banking, mobile deposit and more. Many of you have requested digital wallets and we have listened! In 2023 we plan to launch Apple Pay and at least one other type of contactless payment method where you can use your phone when paying merchants vs. having to get your debit card out. Be watching for the launch by reading all our emails and following us on social media. You can learn more about our digital products at progressionscu.org/access.

Community Commitment. We value community and in 2022 Progressions Credit Union donated to various special causes. Check them out at progressionscu.org/community to see a listing. We also were excited to participate in the Gay Pride Parade last year and had a lot of fun with the prize wheel where we handed out hundreds of free gifts at Riverfront Park.  The best part was all the great conversations we had and meeting so many people, families, (and fur family members!), in our community.

Thank You Postal Workers. Team Purple conducted our annual holiday cookie deliveries to Postal stations throughout Spokane, Spokane Valley and the Distribution Center. In addition to that, we randomly handed out goody bags to letter carriers we spotted out and about to thank them for their demanding work delivering mail to all of us, especially during the stressful and busy holiday season.

Team Purple is Ready to Serve. Our staff’s main purpose every single day is to provide you service that does not just meet your needs but exceeds them. Our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee Members are also part of Team Purple and donate their time every month to insure a safe and sound credit union and to ensure you are represented and have a voice.  Afterall, you are not just a member, but an owner!

Thank you for your trust in us and be sure to look for updates in the future about your new branch coming soon.



Susan Vuong

President and Chief Executive Officer