Personal Loans

We have several options to help you with your borrowing needs from funding your family vacation, paying for back to school expenses, home improvements, a new computer, and more!

Visa Classic Credit Card

The Progressions Visa Classic credit card provides the ultimate in purchasing convenience. With a low rate, 25 day grace period on purchases and no fees for cash advances, you’ll find this card can save you money!  As a cardholder, you’ll also receive free Travel Accident Insurance. The Travel Accident Insurance is provided when you purchase travel fare from a common carrier with your Progressions Visa Classic Credit Card. With this insurance you’ll receive up to $250,000 coverage at no cost to you.

      • FREE Travel Accident Insurance
      • FREE Car Rental Insurance
      • No fee balance transfers
      • No fee cash advances
      • Online access. Check your balance, make payments and more.
      • $250,000 free travel accident insurance
      • Lost or Stolen Visa Card: Contact us as soon as possible. If not during business hours, please call 800-991-4961.

Personal Line of Credit (PLC)

The PLC provides convenient access to funds when you need them. This type of loan offers a revolving credit line. You may take advances up to your maximum credit line at any time via phone, SmartLine or in person. Your PLC can also be used as an Overdraft Protection Option for those occasional errors that leave you unexpectedly overdrawn.


Signature Loan

This loan has a fixed payment and term with a lump sum disbursement. Great for any need you may have from vacation funds to a new computer.


Online Credit Card Information at your Fingertips

With ezcard info you are able to check your Progression Visa account information online. You are able to make payments, review transactions, statements and more. You can even set alerts to notify you of account activity and create expense reports to track your spending.

In order to access this account information you will need:

      • Credit card number
      • Name as it appears on your card
      • Phone number
      • Social Security number
      • Zip code
      • Mother’s Maiden Name
      • CVV Code (found on the signature panel on the back of your card)


Visa Disclosure